Students' Work 2005–2013

Freeze Ray Animation

Tyler Somers

Storyboard and animation for Time Based Design Class. Designed using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, then animated using Adobe Flash, the piece contains interactive elements, pauses when the audio says “stop”, and loops until the user clicks to continue the animation.


Interactive Timelines

Various Students, 2008-2012

Various Interactive timelines created with Adobe Flash. Each student wireframed, designed, and coded with Actionscript 3 these interactive pieces.


Childrens App Prototype

Tyler Somers, 2013

Childrens iPad Application Design Prototype. Created using After Effects, for an Advanced Interactive Design Class.


Clean Ocean Action

Jamie and Alexa Martinez, 2012

Interactive Information Design. The purpose of the project was to create an informational sitelet that gave insight into an environmental issue. The students had to research the issue, and create a graphic driven animation to inform a defined target audience.


By Your Side – Animation

Kelly Vars, 2011

Hand drawn, frame by frame animated piece set to music. Created with Adobe Flash for a Time Based Design class. The goal of the project is to create animated imagery best suited for a piece of music.


MFA Now Website

John Sensenbaugh, 2012

An HTML/CSS/Javascript Sitelet made for the MFA Now Visual Studies Workshop made in an Advanced Web Design Class.


Common Misconceptions Flash Sitelet

Aiden Guinnip and Amanda Jaquin, 2012

The purpose of this project was to create an informational interactive piece that contained instances of motion graphics and dynamic typography.


Positive / Negative Poster Designs

Various Students, 2011

Positive and negative representations of Professions for an Imagery and Design Class. Students are challenged to troubleshoot imagery, and visualize a profession from a positive and a negative standpoint.

Intro to Web Design Profile Pages

Various Students, 2010–2012

These projects represent 1st year New Media Design and 3rd Year Graphic Design Students’ first project for the Introduction to Web Design Class. They are tasked with creating a basic profile page for themselves to introduce them and some of their work.


Must See NY Flash Sitelet

Nonthawan Pisessith

Flash website created for an Advanced Interactive Design Class. Winter 2010/2011.