Students' Work 2005–2013

Stargazer Application

Kimberly Van Dam, 2012

iPad Application Design Prototype. Created using After Effects, for an Advanced Interactive Design Class.


Graphic Translation Cards

Various Students, 2009–2011

Graphic Translations of objects and event postcard designs for an Imagery and Design class. Students were tasked with creating vector based imagery from 3-D real life objects. Students began by sketching the objects from many views, then creating marker renderings, and from the marker renderings, pulling clean vector paths for a final design.


Positive / Negative Poster Designs

Various Students, 2011

Positive and negative representations of Professions for an Imagery and Design Class. Students are challenged to troubleshoot imagery, and visualize a profession from a positive and a negative standpoint.

By Your Side – Animation

Kelly Vars, 2011

Hand drawn, frame by frame animated piece set to music. Created with Adobe Flash for a Time Based Design class. The goal of the project is to create animated imagery best suited for a piece of music.


Craft Coffee Responsive Prototype

Kelsey Collins

This project was for an Advanced Web Design Class. The objective was to redesign an existing blog or news feed, focusing on user needs and functionality. Students were required to make the site prototypes responsive for mobile devices.


Animal Extinction

Tyler Somers & Kelly Vars, 2012

This is the interactive version of an animated infographic created with graphic designer, Kelly Vars. It describes three of the greatest impacts that humans have on endangered species.


Common Misconceptions Flash Sitelet

Aiden Guinnip and Amanda Jaquin, 2012

The purpose of this project was to create an informational interactive piece that contained instances of motion graphics and dynamic typography.


Must See NY Flash Sitelet

Nonthawan Pisessith

Flash website created for an Advanced Interactive Design Class. Winter 2010/2011.


Business Card Animations

Various Students, 2011

These Business Card Animations were created in Adobe After Effects as a brief exercise in working with the application. The students were asked to bring in a print version of their business cards, then asked to animate them in a short period of time.


Smoothie Selector

Vickie Angie, 2012

Kiosk Design prototype for a Smoothie machine. Created using Adobe After Effects for an Advanced Interactive Design Class.