Students' Work 2005–2013

Intro to Web Design Profile Pages

Various Students, 2010–2012

These projects represent 1st year New Media Design and 3rd Year Graphic Design Students’ first project for the Introduction to Web Design Class. They are tasked with creating a basic profile page for themselves to introduce them and some of their work.


Positive / Negative Poster Designs

Various Students, 2011

Positive and negative representations of Professions for an Imagery and Design Class. Students are challenged to troubleshoot imagery, and visualize a profession from a positive and a negative standpoint.

Graphic Animations

Various Students, 2009-2012

Graphic Animations to music Selections for Time Based Design Classes. All projects were first storyboarded in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, then animated using Adobe Flash.


Project Romeo Title Sequence

Kelly Vars, 2011

Style board imagery to represent the opening of a television show. Technology Used: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


Business Card Animations

Various Students, 2011

These Business Card Animations were created in Adobe After Effects as a brief exercise in working with the application. The students were asked to bring in a print version of their business cards, then asked to animate them in a short period of time.


Listverse Responsive Design

Emily Moore, 2012

This project was for an Advanced Web Design Class. The objective was to redesign an existing blog or news feed, focusing on user needs and functionality. Students were required to make the site prototypes responsive for mobile devices.


Freeze Ray Animation

Tyler Somers

Storyboard and animation for Time Based Design Class. Designed using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, then animated using Adobe Flash, the piece contains interactive elements, pauses when the audio says “stop”, and loops until the user clicks to continue the animation.


MFA Now Website

John Sensenbaugh, 2012

An HTML/CSS/Javascript Sitelet made for the MFA Now Visual Studies Workshop made in an Advanced Web Design Class.


Type Animations

Various Students, 2005-2013

Simple Animations made for a 1st year Timebased Imaging Class. The assignment was to create an animation focused around evoking a word, using the letters in that word, one typeface, and reduced color aside from greyscale values. Students learn use of animation authoring applications, as well as the principles of Animation.


Illustrated Storyboards

Patrick Steele, 2010

These were style boards created for a fictional show about a bunch of college aged researchers living in a bio dome at the bottom of the baltic sea.