Miscellaneous Interactive Design Projects 2005–2013

These projects are from courses taught at RIT from 2005-2013. They demonstrate animation, application prototyping, and interactive websites and animations built using Adobe Flash and After Effects.

Tyler Somers

Space Explorer is a prototype children's educational application targeted for tablets.

Kim VanDamme

Stargazer is a prototype interactive tablet application for learning constellations.

Kelly Vars

A frame-by-frame flash animated interpretation of the song "By your side" by Coco Rosie.

Matthew Brownell

An interactive timeline showcasing the history of the cell phone.

Mike Roushey

Eruption: an exercise in animating a word using only the letters that make up the word.

Jihye Shin

An interactive timeline showcasing popular restaurants and coffee shops in Rochester, NY.

Emily Moore

An interactive application to assist in teaching guitar chords.