MyCourses Mobile Prototypes

MyCourses is a course management system used by professors and students at RIT. For this project, students were asked to prototype an experience for mobile devices by redesigning a common task that is currently underserved by the existing service.

Amanda Ho

Students are often in a rush to get somewhere quickly which can lead to forgetting their tasks. The mobile MyCourses will accommodate for those forgetful moments. Students will easily be able to access MyCourses to be reminded of their tasks at hand and complete them in a timely manner.

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Adi Khazanchi

Student has opted for email notifications from MyCourses and gets a daily activity summary from MyCourses. Student gets an email notification reminding him that he has a due date in 15 mins with no submissions made yet. The interaction explores how a user can quickly submit a link to dropbox before the deadlines passes.

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John Pascarella

I’m a student who values communication and collaboration between students, and I want an easier way to discuss courses and assignments with my classmates. I would love to be able to quickly ask questions to my classmates or the professor.

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Luka Schulz

Technology is rapidly approaching the point where it can now breath life back into analog technology. With the integration of AR into school environments, education will be humanized via viral communication and self-motivated learning.

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Aahel Iyer

Push notification experience with content view and a sick leave request flow for mobile user with recurring medical issue.

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