Prescription Tracking Mobile App

About one in four children and nine in ten adults over 65 years of age take one or more prescription drugs in a month. With this increased usage, there should be a simple way for people to manage their medications while juggling other aspects of their life.

Dose is a multi-platform application that can help and assist the elderly and care takers manage, track their prescription medications, and refill their medications with ease. With Dose the user will be able to keep track of their medications and not worry about missing any dosage again.

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Dose creates a unique experience for users that ease them through daily medication intakes by adding appropriate medications and tracking the user's adherence. As the main screen of the application, the Track screen showcases these features using a clear hierarchy and clean visual presentation.

Dismiss Medications

Users can dismiss a single medication by swiping it to the left, or they can tap on the check icon next to each medication to dismiss multiple medications at once. This feature is a simple way to improve the lives of users who are taking multiple medications at once.

User Profile Switch

Dose lets users build multiple profiles, allowing them to manage their own medication routines as well as the routines of their loved ones or patients. This feature allows caretakers stay on top of their own health routines while also keeping the routines of those around them on track.

Refill Medications

Instead of having to refill and track their medications through multiple applications, Dose allows users to do everything in one place. Users can keep track of their refill schedule, order new medications and track dosages and adherence all at once by using Dose.

Motion Sketches

I was able to visualize my ideas by creating motion sketches that plan out each animation in steps. Here are the motion sketches I used while designing Dose.

Design Process: Sketches & Planning

At first while designing Dose, I was having trouble creating a streamlined design because I tried to squeeze in too much information without considering accessibility for target users. Here are just a few of the designs I came up with while working through the challenges that presented themselves while creating this application.