Dangers of Sugar Consumption Interactive Prototype

Sweet Deceit is an interactive platform that strives to educate users about the effects of sugar and the harm it can have on their body. Through acquired knowledge of sugar, users can apply what they learned to achieve healthier diets and avoidance of sugar.

We lack nutritional education and disciplined diets. The average American consumes four times more sugar than what is recommended. Dishonesty in the Sugar Association and food labels makes it hard to avoid, as well as a lack of knowledge on the health risks of sugar.

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Completed Interactive Prototype Presentation


  • Create a tool for reflection of personal sugar intake.
  • Provide helpful guidance for future avoidance of sugar.
  • Educate on the severity of sugar towards health.
Augmented Reality Simulation

The Intake section combines Augmented Reality with touch interactions for a captivating tool for users to calculate their sugar intake. Mimicking a shopping cart flow, users add items to their foods which creates a sum of their daily intake.

Quick Tip Callouts

Throughout the app, "quick tips" appear to give users solutions to avoid sugar. This includes highlighting false advertising and health claims on packaging as well as different types of sugar that our disguised under different names.

Data Visualization, Interaction with 3D Models

The Effects section emphasizes the health risks related to sugar. The user can interact with the body through a touch pad and then choose infected areas to see different risks associated with it.

User Flow

Understanding an approach through the app from an onboarding perspctive.

User Flow Diagram
User Flow Diagram


Visual direction in the form of sketches and moodboards.

UI Sketches
UI Sketches
UI Sketches
UI Sketches
UI Sketches
Moodboard Direction 1
Moodboard Direction 2

Final Comp Stills

Mockups of final visual direction and data visualization.