USA TODAY is one of the most trusted and reliable news sources, reaching local communities across the nation. They strive to give their audience what they deserve: a news source reflective of them. This audience craves news that is relevant and efficient for their busy lifestyles. They need clear-cut content that is respectable so they can feel confident in sharing it with their friends.

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  • Connect and engage with a younger audience through digestible, transportable and lively content.
  • Modernize and strengthen USA TODAY’s image as a community-builder through a custom commenting tool.
  • Improve share graphics to enhance and reshape USA TODAY’s digital presence.

Enlighten audience instantaneously

USA TODAY will activate their static news using downloadable, personalized magazines to allow quick, digestible news for anyone on the go.

Express opinions and promote conversations

USA TODAY allows your voice to be heard as well as your peers. Comment on what you want, where you want in the article through in-line commenting.

Empower confidence and control

Custom share graphics allow users to feel confident in what they’re sharing to their friends and in return strengthen USA TODAY’s brand identity.

All Screen Designs
Commenting user story
Commenting user story
Sharing layout sketches
Sharing layout sketches