Redesigning the USA Today Lifestyle Newsfeed

With the ubiquity of mobile phones, most people read news and lifestyle content on their phones. USA TODAY can capitalise on the millennial generation's affinity for mobile devices, and reaffirm their relevance as the go-to news source.

We wanted to design a cultural and lifestyle publication that promotes and maintains engagement through an entertaining, interactive media consumption experience, leveraging USA TODAY's existing journalistic reputation.

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Leveraging the trust and journalistic integrity of USA TODAY, create a mobile-first culture and lifestyle content solution that resonates with a fresh, new audience.

  • Easily Browse Content Structure content in a way that encourages interaction, easy skimming, and accessible entry and exit points.
  • Organised Content Saving Enable users to effortlessly save and access their personal library of saved topics and articles.
  • Customised Content Sharing Empower the user to take control over their sharing experience, from the content they share, to how they share it.

Beast Mode, for those on-the-go

People no longer read articles fully; they rely on skimming pull quotes and images. Acknowledging your busy context, Beast Mode provides a quick, digestible way to get the gist of your daily news using simple swipe gestures.

Actionable Tooltip, for the Close Reader

Some quotes just stand out to us - this generation appreciates the value of cherry-picking quotable snippets. Take control of your reading by handpicking, saving, and sharing what stands out to you.

Quick Saving & Newsletter Flows

When it comes to consuming articles, we often want the option to file things away for curation or for later reading. Multi-purpose saving gives you the best of both worlds - save the articles that resonate with you by bookmarking instantaneously, or take it a step further and save it to a collection.

Newsletters are a reliable way to receive new content, but they often clog and clutter the inbox, and the content isn’t personalised to you. USA TODAY LIFE does the searching for you, delivering the top five news articles that you are interested in.

Customised Sharing Flow

Things we share over social media are a digital representation of ourselves. From text to colours to imagery, we want to empower users in the sharing process by giving them the ability to add a personal touch to the content that will live on their profile.

Visual Design

USA TODAY has a colour coded system for their sections, where LIFE is purple. Considering the target user base, Abbey and I decided to retain the colour for consistency, but adjust the tone and saturation of the purple itself to reflect a more vibrant and dynamic experience.

Selected Moodboard
Moodboard reflecting USA Today's Life Section
Selected Style Board
Styleboard adapted for mobile experience
Project Deck

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The presented deck, summarizing all research conducted, sketches, wireframes, and final comps.

Project Deck - Project Definition
Project Deck - Competitive Analysis
Project Deck - UI Patterns
Project Deck - User Stories
Project Deck - User Flows
Project Deck - Sketches
Project Deck - Sketches
Project Deck - Wireframes
Project Deck - Wireframes
Project Deck - Wireframes
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Project Deck - Comps