Ethan Sinica

Emotions: Q, J, K

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Concept & Research

Our overarching goal is to help children learn “Emotional Intelligence.” We aim to help teach children new emotional vocabulary, ways to deal with emotion, and know that emotion is ok.

Research varied from competitive analysis, web articles, and scholarly articles on children’s emotion and learning.

J is for Jealous

For “jealous” I wanted to, for the print, remind children of their own self worth and that they are special or have special things too. The interactive element for “Jealous” gets into how even though the penguin can’t fly like the other birds, it still has its own special talents like sliding on the ice and swimming!

A displeased penguin is on the ground with birds flying above.
Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Figma

K is for oKay

The print card for “oKay” leads directly into the interactive portion. Feeling just “oKay” is totally acceptable. Feeling good or bad is acceptable as well. It is learning how to handle and utilize those emotions that is important. Sharing those emotions and experiences with others is what the interactive portion gets into.

Three abstract pill shaped characters shrugging.
Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Figma

Q is for Queasy

Children often misdiagnose their own “qeasy”ness as just an uneasy stomach or they are feeling sick. In many cases, this misdiagnosis is actually hiding cases of anxiety in children. Here, for queasy, the card explanation is mostly meant to help define and lead into the interactive component.

A distraught child character with their hands on their stomach. There is a looming thought cloud over them.
Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Figma


Just about every step of the process was a learning experience in one way or another. Designing to teach or inform children, designing for print, and working in a sizeable group! It is certainly possible for “too many chefs to spoil the broth” along the way if not careful, although, If care is taken then the chefs can work towards a cohesive multi-dish restaurant.

Emotions Cards
Emotions Card: K, J, Q

Downloadable Assets

You may use the below assets created for this project provided via Figma as long as you give attribution, share your outcomes, and if your use is non-commercial in nature.

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