Dylan Davis

Inclusion: U, I, Y


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Concept & Research

Disecting inclusivity, and the concepts that fall in line with that took careful consideration, ideation, and experimentation. Successfully communicating ideas like Intersectionality and Under-representation to a younger audience proved to be difficult but very rewarding.

U is for Under-representation

For this spread my goal was to communicate that even if you are not represented properly, it doesn’t mean you aren’t full of potential. And on the flip-side, that those who are represented well have a responsibility to give others space and a voice to recognize their potential for greatness.

Under-representation spread full-size image of characters holding up others to let them realize their worth.
Under-representation Spread
Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

I is for Intersectionality

To represent Intersectionality in this spread, I used tangled yarn to weave together and form the letter I. to represent how each of our identities are formed by the many different aspects of ourselves and how those different things mix together to create who we are.

Intersectionality spread full-size image of yarn being threaded together to create the letter I.
Intersectionality Spread
Video of Intersectionality Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

Y is for You

For this spread my goal was to get the students reading the book to take a minute and reflect on how they conduct themselves and evaluate whether or not they are living inclusively, and to present some idea of how they might go about doing so.

You spread, full-size image of multiple characters in a community all hanging around a big letter Y.
You Spread
Video of You Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App


Something that was reinforced during this project is the importance for allowing time to carefully evaluate decisions and not be afraid to pivot ideas if needed. Having a team of nine definitely helped ideation and iteration go by much quicker, and I believe that with a larger group, working cohesively together, the end product reflects the amount of dedication that each member of the team puts forth.

Downloadable Assets

You may use the below assets created for this project provided via Figma as long as you give attribution, share your outcomes, and if your use is non-commercial in nature.

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