Slip Cover by Nicole Simone

Empowerment Team

Learning How to Feel Empowered

Empowering Concepts

This team produced a hard bound illustrative book and digital app that was focused on teaching students about empowering concepts like truth, knowledge, and self care.

A video snippet of the group prototype
A is for Access
A is for Access by Andrew Lefurge
C is for Conversation
C is for Conversation by Samantha Burke
D is for Dream Big
D is for Dream Big by Nicole Simone
E is for Expression
E is for Expression by Gracie Canfield
G is for Gender
G is for Gender by Andrew Lefurge
I is for Identity
I is for Identity by Nasha Torres
J is for Journey
J is for Journey by Theresa Piersall
K is for Knowledge
K is for Knowledge by Alexa Forberg
L is for Leadership
L is for Leadership by Hasque May
M is for Movement
M is for Movement by Andrew Lefurge
Q is for Queer
Q is for Queer by Nasha Torres
S is for Self Care
S is for Self Care by Alexa Forberg
T is for Truth
T is for Truth by Samantha Burke
U is for Unique
U is for Unique by Hasque May
W is for World
W is for World by Samantha Burke
X is for Mx
X is for Mx by Nasha Torres
Y is for You
Y is for You by Nicole Simone
Z is for ZZZ
Z is for ZZZ by Theresa Piersall