Seung Hee Yun

Symbiotic Relationships: J, F, K

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We aimed to create interactive experiences for teachers who teach children (8 - 10) about symbiotic relationships. This experience includes interviews and research and we focused on this experience engaging. We decided to make a matching game.  I chose J, K, and W and swapped W to K.

J is for Jellyfish

For this card, I tried to depict jellyfish as playful and cute. The species of the jellyfish has really complicated shapes, so I chunked them down and created simple shapes that describe how they look. 

For interaction, I wanted to emphasize its wavy tentacles and movement. 

Jellyfish spread. Jellyfish with wavy tentacles and bubbles.
Video of Jellyfish Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

K is for Kingfisher

The challenge of this card was depiction of feathers, and body shapes. Since it has unique features, defining what to draw was the key. The bottom view shows the body as much as possible. 

For interaction, I wanted to show what they eat as additional information. 

Kingfisher spread. A kingfisher is waiting for fish to eat.
Kingfisher Spread
Video of Kingfisher Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

F is for Fig

For fig, I focused on illustrating fig’s texture. Since fig doesn’t really have patterns or something that people can distinguish easily, I was struggling with composition. The fig I drew grows in the tropics so I emphasized tropical atmosphere with minimal objects. 

The interaction allows the user to take a glimpse into how fig wasps interacts with fig. 

Fig spread. A fig with tropical plants.
Fig Spread
Video of Fig Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App
Photo of Cards K, J, F
Photo of Cards K, J, F

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