Christine Van

Empowerment: B,H

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Concept & Research

Promoting empowerment helps those with smaller voices to feel included from a young age. To understand how to communicate this to our target audience we did research by reading lots of children’s books. Observing the typography, imagery, and diction.

H is for Health

For this spread my goal was to spread the importance of health. In this society it is easy to get caught up in collecting wealth at the expense of health. I took the popular saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and used a piggy bank to collect apples literally.

Health is wealth, the more health you save the more wealthy you are.
Health Spread
Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

B is for Body

Starting from a young age, our first exposure to shapes come from the fruits and vegetables we eat. I decided to personify the vegetables as body types and that all are natural and beautiful.

Vegetables are personified as different body types, all are beautiful.
Body Spread
Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App


Something I learned through this project is that half of the effort goes into perfecting the specs and iteration of the spreads. Also to keep things simple for the interaction or else the kids will likely be distracted from the main message.