Gabriel Cagara

Emotions: U, A, I

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Concept & Research

Recognizing emotions is very important at a young age because children learn how to emote and express themselves through internal needs from external forces, and through observation. Thus, it is important to teach children at a young age so they can learn about what they are actually feeling, how to react to it and also have them express their feelings personally. We begun researching about emotions and how to deal with them, and looked to outside sources like interviewing specialists and reading papers about it.

A is for Anger

Anger is an important emotion to educate children on what it is and how to deal with. For my cards, I introduce Matt the Cat who I 3D modeled with Cinema 4D to tell a story of him feeling very hangry because he has not eaten. The interaction is to help Matt find the cup that has the food in it. Once the food is in it, the cups will mix around and it is up to the user to be able to find which cup has the food in it.

Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Figma

U is for Upset

To communicate sadness, I used an ice cream analogy of a character feeling upset about dropping its ice cream. The character is called Malone the Cone, who goes by they/them pronouns to also teach children the importance of pronouns, who dropped their ice cream and has been really upset about it. To make them feel better, the interaction is to help Malone catch more ice cream! The more you help Malone stack ice creams, the better they feel! This teaches childrent that feeling upset is a good thing, because it incites empathy and sympathy for the person feeling low.

Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Figma

I for Isolation

Feeling isolated and lonely is a very strong emotion that is important to she dlight to children. To make it more relatable to the audience, I introduce Eddy the Teddy who feels alone because he has been left behind in the toy store. The story shows him waiting in the store shelf waiting for his turn to get an owner. ]

Video of Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Figma


It was the first time working with a group this big in New Media. Thus, I learned a lot about group dynamics, compromising and working together in unison. I actually really loved working with my group because we always stayed connected, helped each other out and completed the deadlines that we establish for our group. In the end, we were able to churn out a really solid product of a very solid topic about emotions.

Emotions Cards
Emotions Cards: A, U, I

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