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Inclusion: Cover, H, P

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Designing for Young People

Creating an interactive book to educate 5th and 6th graders on the diversity of people. As well as educating them to accept people that are different from them. When we all come together we can make something uniquely great… like this book.

Making an Inclusive Book Cover

Designing a cover that celebrates diversity and supports our message that even though we are all different we can create something great. Each square is created in the likeness of the style of one of our nine designers.

Book cover colorful squares spelling the word inclusion
Video of Inclusion Cover Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

Educating About Privilege

Creating a short story to educate kids about privilege without making them feel bad if they are. This page also teaches them to use their advantages to help each other.

Bird flying down to share a peach with a hedgehog
P is for Privilege
Video of Privilege Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

Understanding Harassment

Forming a short story to teach kids that they can make a change by speaking up when they are uncomfortable. This story explains harassment while also letting the kids know how they can improve a situation.

Circle characters picking on each other then becoming friends.
H is for Harassment
Video of Harassment Tablet Interaction Prototyped with Principle App

Teaching Acceptance

Teaching kids when they are young that it is important to be accepting of people even if they are different from us was the goal. Our book fully encompassed this message by designing each page in a unique style. Showing that when people come together and embrace each other’s differences they can create something great.

Photo of Privilege Spread from the Inclusion Book
Photo of Privilege Spread from the Inclusion Book

Downloadable Assets

You may use the below assets created for this project provided via Figma as long as you give attribution, share your outcomes, and if your use is non-commercial in nature.

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