Photo of book with the word inclusion written on the cover.
Inclusion Children's Book

Inclusion Team

Teaching Children About Being Inclusive

The Importance of Inclusion

This book and app aim to teach students about ideas and concepts surrounding the notion of inclusion. To learn about kindness, equity, and open-mindedness. The interative prototype is a concept meant for a museum display. With an iPad controls and interactions meant to invoke projected visuals and media.

A video snippet of the group prototype

The book was produced as a hardcover, each student took on three concepts. Students were heavily inspired by a field trip to the Strong Museum of Play in downtown Rochester, NY.

B is for Bias
B is for Bias by Sarah Danseglio
C is for Culture
C is for Culture by Emily Frebowitz
D is for Diversity
D is for Diversity by Sarah Danseglio
E is for Equity
E is for Equity by Sarah Danseglio
H is for Harassment by Rebecca Moran
I is for Intersectionality
I is for Intersectionality by Dylan Davis
J is for Judgement
J is for Judgement by Emily Frebowitz
K is for Kindness
K is for Kindness by Jiayun Li
L is for Language
L is for Language
M is for Microaggression
M is for Microaggression by Jaymart Yabo
N is for Nonbinary
N is for Nonbinary by Jaycee Masucci
O is for Openminded
O is for Openminded
P is for Privilege
P is for Privilege by Rebecca Moran
Q is for Queer
Q is for Queer by Lindsay Constantino
R is for Responsibility
R is for Responsibility by Vanasa Liu
S is for Similarity
S is for Similarity by Vanasa Liu
V is for Visiting
V is for Visiting by Jaycee Masucci
X is for X-Chromosome
X is for X-Chromosome
Y is for You
Y is for You by Dylan Davis
Z is for Zingers
Z is for Zingers